Amanda Engelbrecht

Hi I’m Amanda Engelbrecht . I’m born and raised in the great state of Texas! I played soccer my whole life on multiple teams and high school. Being from the south my mom always made nice home cooked meals! I loved my big portions and any carb I could eat! I never had a weight problem at all because in the game of soccer you are always running, sprinting, kicking, and chasing! After games I remember eating chili cheese fries and chicken fingers and pre game pizza rolls and pixie sticks(gross).

Then my senior year soccer was over. I ate the same and I noticed my weight crept up a little so I joined a gym! Weight stayed off but it wasn’t til I took a nutrition course in college I realized how bad the food was I was putting into my body! I made major changes and became a trainer! I got my major in Kinesiology and my minor in Nutrition. With my new love of food I now cook healthy and find that to be my favorite part of my day outside the gym! I started changing recipes (and my friends recipes) into healthy creations!!!!

A few months after graduation I got married and now have two beautiful kids. How did I get so lucky!? I took some training jobs here and there but I wanted to be MOM! Wow what a hard job! I can squat 200 but putting a kid to bed is the hardest thing ever🤣 I was reading a Facebook post by Justin Murphy about Macros and really learned a lot and loved how he broke it down to where I could really understand it! I remember meeting him a few times at the gym I worked out at. I read a few more on his Facebook and was like this guy gets it, wow!

I was looking for a job I could be passionate about. I worked at night a few hours helping train elite youth athletes and although rewarding in its own way it wasn’t fulfilling enough. I was struggling to find a job I felt connected to and could help people like I use to! Then the next day saw Justin post needed an admin! It was scary going from being a full time mom, to putting in an application! I knew the opportunity for a mission and a company I believe in would be just silly to pass up! The interview went great and here I am helping the coaches help as many people as they can! Way I live life is you don’t always have to work harder just smarter! You don’t have to be perfect but be a little better than yesterday! You can be a little crazy but keep your heart filled with love. When you hear song dance to it because you never know when it will come on again! Just like with life, when your song/opportunity comes, make sure you take it and dance because never know when it will come again.

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Instagram did not return a 200.