Cheers to a Life of Joy Through Surrendered Wellness!

“Youuuuu guyyysssss….. life has been so crazy busy. But I have to share with you some revelations I’ve had about my wellness and nutrition journey in the last 5-6 months.

I started out with an unhealthy view of fitness and nutrition. I worked out twice a day and ate around 1200-1300 calories a day.

My body didn’t like that… so I actually GAINED weight, and went to the ER TWICE. That was the “rock bottom” part of my journey. I simply was not feeding my body based on my physical performance and I did not rest based on how I was feeling.

I eventually learned through the WELL ministry at church and through Justin Murphy’s nutritional coaching that I need to take care of my body because it’s the only body I have!

With a slow and thoughtful 5-6 months of understanding my body and feeding it well and recovering well, I am finally FREE of stressful calorie-counting and exercise-tracking. I now eat good, nutritious food because my body loves me for it. I now have rest days because my body loves me for it!!! I now eat for performance.

I no longer stress about that cake donut I had because I know now that life requires balance— not only in nutrition and fitness, but in discipline.

Oh. And this morning, I had two gluten-free toasts with smashed avocados, egg whites and spinach—not because it’s healthy (although it is) but because my body has been trained to want to eat wholesome nutritious meals because it makes me feel good!

Cheers to a life of joy through surrendered wellness. Thanks Justin for your guidance and coaching!!! ”

 — Monica Salinas

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